Sunday 2017

We’ve had a great time today welcoming all the children and young people to Spot and Make.

The leaders spent the morning together in fellowship and worship, listening to God’s word in order to prepare and equip us for the week ahead.

After lunch the children and young people all arrived, and we played a great game to explore the site, get to know each other, and practice our special investigator skills.

We spent some time swimming and doing a mix of craft or playing football, board games and on the park before tea. After a delicious tea of sausages, beans and baked potatoes, with chocolate pudding for dessert, we played the first of the famous 7 o’clock games! Everyone had a great time running around the field in the evening sun, with the CIA Team coming out as the winners.

After that we had the first of our evening meetings, exploring the work of Jesus through the people he met. Today we heard about Jesus healing the paralysed man who was lowered through the roof by his friends.

Finally, we finished off the day with some time to chill out and relax while we watched the start of a film (Lego Batman). Now they’re all in bed, getting some rest in for a busy day tomorrow!

Make have spent the day making friends and laughing together, while learning about our spiritual gifts and identity, and playing lots of team building games. They’ve also met their Spot the Difference group leaders, and have spent some time getting to know them, and talking about how to have a great time supporting the children and developing their leadership skills.

We are praying for a fun day and good weather tomorrow, and that the children have a good night’s sleep.

– The Spot and Make Team