The end of our first full day on Spot and Make the Difference 2017!

We’ve had an amazing time today at Bilton Grange, having fun playing lots of different games.

This morning the children started of with bible study, looking in more detail at the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man, and the lessons this has for our lives. After breakfast the children had the option of craft or sport, decorating drawstring bags or playing lacrosse on the field.

After this Spot played a wide game version of the strategy board game, Settlers of Catan. The children had a great time running around collecting resources, to build their cities and collect points.

Following lunch the children played 21 ‘wacky games’, involving lots of different skills including strength, dexterity, and teamwork. The last round involved a lot of water and getting wet too!

We then swam and played Capture the Flag as our 7 o’clock game, before meeting together in our evening meeting to hear about Jesus’ meeting with Zaccheus.

Make the Difference have had a great time walking to Sainsburys (we aren’t entirely sure why this is so fun, but they love it), then they had sessions on leadership; about how you need to be a follower before being a leader, and the importance of love in leadership. The ‘Makers’ also got a chance to join the Spot bible studies this morning, and will hopefully use these as opportunities to put into practice their growing leadership skills as the week goes on.

We’ve got a really busy day tomorrow. Make sure you follow us on twitter to keep up with what we get up to during the day.

– The Spot and Make Team