Wednesday 2017

We’ve all had a really great day here today on Spot and Make the Difference.

Make went on their annual team building trip, enjoying time together at Thorpe Park! They went on lots of rides and got soaked in some torrential rain. They still had a great time together though. When they got back, they learnt how to run a bible study in an engaging and informative session. They now have the confidence and skills needed to lead their own bible studies on Friday!

Spot had to dodge the weather a bit today, leading to some last minute changes of plan. Instead of going on our walk in the morning, we all decorated mugs together, and then designed a container to prevent an egg cracking when dropped from a table. After lunch the weather cleared, and we went on a great Cluedo-themed walk from Bilton Grange to Draycote Water. On the way they had to find cluedo cards to cross off suspects, rooms and weapons, to win the game.

When we got back, we watched some of a film together, played blindfolded dodge-ball at the 7 o’clock game, and then had our evening meeting learning about Jesus’ encounters on the road to Emmaus.

Tomorrow Spot are going into Leamington, for our annual Leamington challenge, and to get some retail therapy in!

Please continue to pray for us, for good weather, energy for the children, and that we have a fun and God-filled final few days.

– The Spot and Make Team