Sunday (2012)

And they’re off!


Day one got off to a flying start as the leaders frantically prepared the school to make sure it was fit for the arrival of our Spot the Difference athletes; Canadian Canoeists, Australian Archers, Danish Divers, Faroese Fencers, Venezuelan Volleyballers, Kenyan Kickboxers, Swiss Swimmers and (last, but by no means least!) the Tongan Tennis Players.

Having said their goodbyes to mums and dads the athletes took part in some intense team-game training where lots of fun was had and new friends were made.

In Alan’s game, the athletes were required to use their intellect, letter-navigation and crossword-solving skills in order to earn points.

Our athletes received a hearty meal of pasta, bolognaise, a baguette, an optional side of salad and a chocolate pudding (yum!) to keep them going through the rest of their training!

In our evening meeting, the athletes reflected on what it means to be invited to join God’s race of life and were encouraged to think about whereabouts they are at now and what direction they think they are going in. We were joined by our very own ‘Question of Sport’ celebrity presenter who invited a Start Gun who was afraid of its own “BANG!” but the athletes managed to help him grow in confidence. We look forward to finding out who tomorrow’s guest might be.

6 thoughts on “Sunday (2012)

  1. Really glad to hear day 1 has got off to a great start. A bit jealous of the food offering tonight, no chocolate pudding in our house today! Hope everyone continues to have a fab time. May God bless you all and make His presence very much known this week.

  2. Will try and mirror your prayer/study times and evening meetings with prayer at this end. We were praying for you at Bearwood Chapel at last night’s prayer meeting and in the morning service.

  3. Hi everyone, your programme sounds good. I’m sorry I’m not with you but I haven’t got the energy!

    Have a wonderful week. I am praying for you all.

    Love and blessings


    • Hi Carole,

      Sorry that you’re not with us this year, we are all missing you! We are all praying for you too. Hope to see you back in the future!

      Lots of love and God bless,

      The whole Spot the Difference team

  4. Prayed for you all at St Michael’s Sunday morning. Will continue to do so. Trust the weather is as good as it is here and that activities go well and safely. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!

  5. God bless you all! Have a great, if exhausting time. Thank you xxx

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