Monday (2012)

The qualifiers


After a refreshing sleep, the athletes had chance to discuss the invitation to God’s race that we had been introduced to in Sunday’s evening meeting. A nutricious breakfast set our athletes up for the day – and a good job too because they had a gruelling training regime to adhere to!

The training regime began with a series of clue matching and character-spotting tasks in order to gain items to help move ‘radioactive’ materials into a decontamination pot. Once they had done this they needed to use their lego-putting-together skills and to compete to be the first.

The Cook Island Caterers did not fail to impress with their baked potatoes with cheese and baked beans topping and a choice of yoghurt for lunch and flavourful fish fingers, chips and peas and (perhaps, best of all!) ice cream with a choice of toppings. The food was definitely fit for an Olympic-standard athlete.

In our evening meeting, we discussed how (unlike the games, races or competitions we take part in) we are ALL qualified to be a part of God’s race (NO exceptions!) and discovered that the reason why is that Jesus died on the cross for us and took away our sins.

The athletes are all really excited for the trip that is taking place tomorrow and we’re sure it will provide a welcome break from their training!

5 thoughts on “Monday (2012)

  1. hi
    weather looks good in picture. Praying that trip will be great, weather improves and that relationships grow.
    have fun!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day yesterday! Hope the trip today is fantastic… and I’m sure that after all the excitement it will be lights out at 7pm after a healthy meal of chick peas and carrot juice… am I right?!! xx

  3. Oh fish fingers ! Not fair, you guys get all the best grub! Glad you had a great day on Monday. Praying that Tuesday is even better. Awaiting the Tuesday blog with baited breath…….

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