Wednesday (2012)

Hurdles Day 4 in the S Anselm’s House. Today was “The Bakewell Day” when we descend on the tranquil town for our annual challenge.  This year our teams of athletes had to take photos of their group in certain situations such as in a phone box!

After a picnic lunch the newsagents, spar and toyshop of Bakewell were filled with athlete’s after Lego, Sweets and magazine. Doing our little bit to help combat recession.

We then returned to the site for some workshops including, football, t-shirt printing, hama beads, music, Lego and board games.  Which meant we could just fit in a swim and drama before bangers, mash and beans (with particularly good local sausages!)

Unfortunately the weather turned the 7 O’Clock game into the 7 O’Clock video but that didn’t matter.  In our meeting Maxine and Ruth spoke about the hurdles we can face in the race of life using Joseph as an example of someone who overcame difficulties to do God’s work.

Please pray for good weather for our very own Torch Relay tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday (2012)

  1. Postcard arrived today, yay ! Nice to know parents aren’t completely forgotten amongst all the amazing activities. Praying for God’s blessings on the camp and particularly for good weather.

  2. I wonder how many of the kids knew how to operate a phone box or what one was.
    keep up the great work guys!

  3. sounds like another good day. Spotted Tom in phone box! Praying hard that the weather is good for the Torch relay. x

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