Thursday (2012)

 The Final Stretch

Today the Torch relay visited Bakewell as our Athlete’s took turns carrying the torch from S Anselms to Ashford. Each team received medals and a team GB flag after their leg. We loved the great looks we got from people walking past the procession!

Thanks for your prayers we were blessed with beautiful sunshine until just was were finishing in the park and playing football after lunch.

When we got back to school there was time for yesterdays weather postponed 7 O’Clock game before swimming.   Dinner was a bit different it was our Banquet our teams entered the Olympic Banquet hall with their team flag and then took their seats to watch the lighting of the Olympic Coke Glass Couldren.  Between courses we were treated to a mini talent show with guitarists, violinists, flutists, vocalists, poets and comedians having the lime light.

Our evening meeting tonight was looking at keeping in line with God’s ideas on the final stretch when it could be easy just to coast to the finish line.  In particular we looked at how  Nehemiah listened to God and left his privileged job in the royal court to return to his home and rebuild the city.

5 thoughts on “Thursday (2012)

  1. Great to hear you are having so much fun! Good luck with swimming on Friday.

  2. Hope you’re all having as many golden moments as Team GB! Thinking and praying for you all as you come towards the end of your Olympic week! Looks like you’ve had lots of fun and I’m only slightly jealous of all the scrummy food!

  3. It all sounds epic fun! Well done team – you’re amazing. Can’t wait to hear all about it – enjoy the last stretch!

  4. Wah! Everyone seems to be having so much fun with all your adventures. And the kids are enjoying hearing about the love of Jesus. So big thank you for everyones involvement and commitment. A&B

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