Friday (2012)

The Finishing Line

It might be the final full day here in Bakewell but there’s been no slowing of the pace on the final stretch.  Today after our morning Bible Studies and Breakfast we held our own Olympic Swimming Gala with events which really should be in the Olympics such as tow the leader,  jug relay and pick up as many things as you can in 30 seconds off the bottom of the pool race.

After hot dogs for lunch (proper sausages mind no tins!) it was the Bakewell Olympics again as we tested out mental gymnastics, relay charades, ran the 600 meters, target football and milk bottle shooting and more!

Next the usual routine kicked in with the final installment of our drama, swimming, tea (a yummy beef stew and jacket potatoes) and the 7 O’Clock game (aliens (girls) v humans (boys) v predators (leaders)).  In the meeting We read from 2 Timothy about reaching the finish line. Nicola showed us a video of Derek Redmond in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where he suffered an injury but still made it over the finish line with help from his Dad.  Nicola said this is like us and God that he will help us every step of the way as we run his race, in training, when the going is good and when things aren’t so good.

As if that wasn’t enough we finished off with our midnight feast (well 9:20 feast).

See you tomorrow at 10:45 for our parents celebration when we will share with you some of what we’ve been doing and learning about together. Home time is 11:45.

We all can’t wait to see you!

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