Sunday (2013)

Well the first day of Spot the Difference 2013 draws to a close.

All of the children arrived safely and have settled in to Bilton Grange.

So far the children have learnt what every leaders favourite sweet is, along with the theme of the week being Joseph.

We need to make sure that they at least have one wash this week, so they have had a dip in the pool already.

It has been a most unusual of days, for anyone who knows about Spot The difference you may know that we have a 7 o’clock game, named due to the fact that it is a game that is supposed to be played at (yep, you guessed it) 7 o’clock. However, for the first time in history, we actually managed to start the game at 7’oclock.

All the children are now fast asleep (hopefully), getting ready for more fun, adventure and learning tomorrow.



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