Monday (2013)

Snapshot 2 (12-08-2013 23-20) P1050470We had an excellent day on site today in our BEAUTIFUL grounds!

We had a very cool wide game based on “Settlers of Catan” run by James & Rachael with an Egyptian twist – VERY cool & VERY competitive….  And that brings another first for us – Everyone appeared to understand one of the most complex games in THE WORLD!!!

Less competitive was our traditional Fete, where each group gained points from running and participating in a series of fun activities.

Fish fingers, chips & peas followed by ice cream factories went down a treat and provided gorgeous fuel for another active 7 O’clock game that began at 7 O’clock – There must be something about the air in Rugby that makes us run on time!

The photos of swimming and the evening meeting here reflect that they were the only times we were able to slow down long enough to even think about taking any (!) The video of the week should be fantastic though 🙂

If anyone’s interested – the wallpaper behind Alan’s head was designed by Pugin!!


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