Tuesday (2013)

An absolutely ‘crate’ Tuesday here at Spot the Difference as all the kids and some of the leaders enjoyed an amazing time at a nearby high ropes course.

Challenges included a rock climbing wall, climbing up some extremely high and widely spaced logs, balancing children on top of a narrow wooden pole as they made a flower shape, and building enormous towers out of bottle crates (the highest was 18 crates high)!!!!

It was brilliant to see all the kids getting stuck in and having a great time, even the ones who were a bit nervous beforehand.

Everyone also had a great time finding materials across the site to design and build their own boat to take as many stones as possible whilst still staying afloat. The moment of truth in testing this is tomorrow – personally I’m pretty confident about my groups’ nautical masterpiece.

As well as this there has been lots of fantastically insightful and thought provoking bible study, swimming and lots of delicious food!!

The kids are all absolutely shattered and are currently all fast asleep in bed.

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!!

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