Wednesday (2013)

Inflatable madness today at Spot the Difference!

We spent the whole day on site today but had a great, crazy and fun filled time. We spent all day making our way round a brilliantly varied programme of activities that made sure every child and every taste had something that they loved to do.

We had 4 HUGE inflatable items delivered to our field made up out of; Pillow Wars where the kids hit each other with – pillows – trying to knock each other off a bar, a gladiator combat arena, an obstacle course and bouncy castle that doubled up for some of the boys as a gymnastics site.

When they weren’t on the inflatables the kids had; a superb maze, where one of them led their blindfolded partner around, an observation game a la Question of Sport, and a craft session where they designed some super canvas bags.

Everyone had a great time, and the brilliant variety of activities made sure it was a great day for everyone.

As usual we swam, had lots of bible study, drama and had a school sports day after tea having them join in such classics as the potato and spoon race and hoop race!!

p.s. sorry for the late reply!


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