Friday (2013)

P1080122The final full day at Spot the Difference 2013!!! šŸ™

A very very busy day today starting off with a fantastic wide game where the children had to go around solving challenges and decoding hieroglyphics in order to find the Egyptian treasure. Sadly we had to move this indoors because it was CHUCKING it down, but everyone had loads of fun anyway.

After a great lunch of hotdogs (which went down a storm) we moved into the pool for our swimming gala. Splitting into 4 mixed teams of boys and girls the children took part in a number of races including; relays, obstacle course, synchronised swimming and the ever popular tow (avoid drowning) the leader! Everyone hung around in the pool afterwards for a bit of free swimming which meant that most kids where in the pool all afternoon.

Shock horror we got to the 7 o’ clock game at 6:30 and played the camp favourite Predators v Aliens v Humans in which the leaders, girls, and boys all team up to capture each other.

We also had our final evening meeting tonight in which we heard some superb teaching about expectations and restoration, and how our expectations can often be very different to God’s, and how in Joseph’s case this worked out perfectly for all.

As I type all theĀ children are currently sat watching the Wallace and Gromit film after snacking on an amazing midnight feast that we took them. Hopefully they all sleep tonight – fruit (nature’s sweets)Ā were included!!

Looking forward to seeing parents tomorrow for our closing celebration!

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