Sunday (2014)

Day one of the Spot the Difference voyage for 2014 has been packed full of exciting stuff, even though we only had a few hours today.

Everyone arrived safely and we got stuck right into games; giving everyone a chance to get to know the site and each other. The five groups explored the site from top to bottom searching out clues to help them locate some buried treasure on a map. The boys groups: Golden Hind and Flying Dragon, and the girls groups: Morning Star, Queen Anne’s Revenge and Great Ranger all had an amazing time and everyone managed to make ‘X’ mark the right spot on the map!

After this we all got a chance to test our sea legs in the amazing Bilton Grange pool! Swimming is always a highlight of the day, and the children, and some leaders, loved getting in the water and playing with all the floats, balls and other pool toys.

The day continued its pace as everyone went straight from the pool into the drama where we were introduced to our intrepid pirate crew of Captain Whitegoat, Captain Utensil, Captain Brownbeard, and their cabin boy Bob. Disaster struck early, as the three Captain’s realised they had no treasure left to buy there Aaaaartichokes, Aaaaarspaaaragus, and beard conditioner. This prompted the beginning of what promises to be an epic quest in order to find the buried treasure to replenish their supply. More of which will be revealed over the coming days….(!)

Finally, after the usual amazing Spot the Difference tea, and madness of the 7 o’clock game, we all gathered together for the evening meeting to begin to learn about Paul, and the incredible things he has to teach us about our own walk with God. Tonight looking at how Paul knew a God who knows us, created us, and wants to know us too.

Make the Difference had a great meeting exploring the meaning of leadership and can’t wait to put it all into practise with the ‘Spot’ group over the next few days.

It was fantastic to learn about Jesus’ service focused leadership and have the powerful illustration of feet washing the Jesus modelled in John 13. They then kicked off their support of ‘Spot’ by becoming the most efficient human dishwasher the world has ever seen.

Everyone is very excited about tomorrow, and can’t wait to do more exciting things with their groups and see what amazing things God has in store for everyone.

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