Monday (2014)

The first full day of Spot the Difference 2014 has been filled with exciting activities, inspiring bible study, and forecast defying sun!

The day started, as always on Spot the Difference with bible study, exploring in more depth about what Paul thought about God. This gave the children the opportunity to think about what God is like to them, and ask any questions that they have.

After breakfast there was the choice of craft or sport, most of the children loved making their own tie die t-shirt, with the rest introduced to lacrosse for the very first time.

Following this, we entered an amazing game where each group had to explore the site collecting treasure. The emeralds, rubies, gold, topaz, onyx and other precious stones they collected could then be traded in for gold, tools, and trading contacts all massing up into large points hauls.

In the afternoon the children loved swimming again, and moved further along the story in the drama with the children making up some amazing sea-shanties to overcome the boredom of the pirate captains.

After tea and the seven o’clock game everyone came together in the evening meeting. Today this focused on the stoning of Stephen, with the point being made that Stephen stood up for God when it was difficult, while Paul/ Saul gave in to sin and followed the crowd.

Then after film watching everyone was off to bed, ready for another day!

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