Tuesday (2014)

Today, all the children and leaders on Spot the Difference left the site to embark on a pirate treasure hunt around Leamington Spa. In their groups, the children had to decipher the clues and riddles in order to identify where a pirate was located in town. When they found the pirate, they were given a challenge to complete, which gave them a piece of treasure, memory verse section and clue to the next piratey location.

Everyone had a great time, despite the rain, and all the children enjoyed going into the amazing sweet shop in Leamington, as well as visiting a selection of other shops.

When they got back they once again loved swimming, with the boys managing to double their record of keeping the ball in the air from 11 to 22!!

In the drama the children were asked to help the pirates to fix their broken mast, which broke in a storm. This resulted in some brilliant efforts of mast making, all of which looked great. Their strength was then tests by how many bouncyt balls they were able to hold, and the engineering skills of the children was shown to be of fantastically high quality, with all of the masts holding loads of balls!

In the evening meeting we all heard about how Saul/ Paul’s life was changed on the road to Damascus as a result of the vision he received from God, and how powerful and life changing encounters with God can be.

Everyone then went to bed very excited for the coming days events!

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