Wednesday (2014)

Today we all had an amazing day visiting a farm, in absolutely brilliant, God-given sunshine! We did loads at the farm, and had tons of fun, with orienteering, an assault course and den building all giving the children a great day. We also heard from John, the farmer, about how he finds evidence of god in the environment in which he works every day, and how now is the time to seek God.

After this we played a large game of rounders, because our swimming pool is very sadly, temporarily out of action. However, we are hopeful it will be available again soon. However, everyone enjoyed playing rounders out in the sun before moving into the drama and having the decode letters to help the long suffering cabin boy ‘Bob’.

After this, we had a great seven o’clock game tug of war competition. This is always a firm favourite amongst children and leaders alike and produced a great deal of intense competition!

Then, in the evening meeting, we all heard about how Paul/ Saul escaped by being lowered down the walls in a basket, and about the amazing, life-changing impact the God can have in our lives.

After this the children finished watching Cool Runnings, before all going up to bed and falling asleep very quickly after a fun, but exhausting, day.

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