Thursday (2014)

Today has been an amazing day on Spot the Difference with rope climbing and boat building in the sun and warmth.

With the children split into two groups, one were tasked with building pirate ships, capable of holding a crew of 6 eggs afloat in a paddling pool of water. There were some great, and innovative designs, all of which were marked on floatability, stability, artistic design and launching skill.

While this was going on, the remaining children were at a nearby ropes course having a brilliant time climbing Jacob’s Ladder or making huge crate towers. One group even managed to better the previous Spot the Difference record of 17, upping it to 18, and then 19 in quick succession. Everybody did really well on all the ropes challenges though, and had a great time.

After this our partner holiday, Make the Difference (which aims to develop leadership amongst older teenagers), organised a great drama challenege. Every group was tasked with presenting a story from bible study throughout the week in an innovative way or setting, giving the large number of thespians a chance to shine on stage.

After this we had the banquet, with everybody suitably dressed as a pirate captain joining together to eat amazing party food and show of the wide range of superb talents within our camp.

Everyone had an amazing time today, and the children were all shattered when, after their film, they went off to bed.

It seems amazing to think that tomorrow is, sadly, the last full day of Spot the Difference 2014. However, it promises to be a really great day!

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