Wednesday (2015)

Hello and welcome to our most recent Spot and Make the Difference update for Wednesday.

We have had a brilliant day today in the Dunchurch sunshine, making the most of the glorious weather while it lasts.

The Spot the Difference children today have all been on a great walk and treasure hunt round nearby Draycote Water. Tasked with rescuing superheroes, each group successfully accomplished five challenges, and were on the lookout for inflatable flamingos and Spidermen! The children all had a great time out in the sun (don’t worry, we made sure they had plenty of suncream and water!), and got to play in a great adventure playground at lunch. They all did amazingly well considering the demands of the superhero training schedule!

After that we all went swimming again, and learnt about Jesus’ experiences in the Garden of Gethsemane in our evening meeting, and how this shows he is so much more than any of the superheroes we know.

Make the Difference have had an equally amazing day, exploring teamwork together before putting their seminar into practice organising a challenge in Leamington Spa for the Spot children tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what they have planned! They are currently having a great time taking some inspiration from Great British Bake Off with some amazing cake baking skills!

We will update you on another packed day of activities and learning tomorrow!

The Spot and Make the Difference Team

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  1. Well done successful treasure hunters…….sounds like more fun than shopping which is what I’ve been doing!!!

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