Thursday (2015)

Hello everyone, we have had another amazing day here on Spot and Make the Difference

Today both Spot and Make headed into Leamington Spa for the annual Leamington challenge. Always a camp favourite, Make had come up with some great challenges for each group, going around the town finding clues, working out riddles and finding the parts to piece together their superhero!

Everybody had a great time exploring the town, and the rain held off too! After lunch in the park everybody had a chance for some retail therapy, visiting the AMAZING sweetshop, toyshops and relaxing in costa.

After we all got back to Bilton Grange Spot went swimming as usual, and played a great new 7 o’clock game, using skateboards and ball-pool balls to play Hungry Hippos, which the children (and leaders) loved!

Later, in our evening meeting, we learnt about Jesus’ crucifixion, and how he is so different to any other superhero because of the number of people he saves each day from the sin that seperates us from God.

As I type Spot are next door watching some of the Paddington Movie, before going and having a well-earned sleep to prepare them for the last full day of camp!

The final update will follow tomorrow…

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